I highly recommend.

I started using CBD oil, Bc I was trying to wean off my antidepressants. I didn’t like being on medication. I tried weaning off months prior trying CBD oil and miserably failed due to horrible side effects and anxiety. So I was scared to try again. I started eating better, I started working out more and I consulted my doctor about weaning off of my antidepressants. This time around, I used CBD oil. I didn’t want to help my anxiety with another medication. Well, I succeeded! I am now officially off of my antidepressants and thriving ! With of combination of a lot of things, I became independent from them, but I do think the CBD oil helped the most. It helped me so much , I recommended it to my family and intend to buy some more!

Claudia Angel

finally sleeping better at night

My husband has been using the CBD oil to help with his insomnia.  What a difference it made in a very short amount of time!  He sleeps more sound and feels refreshed in the morning. So happy he found something natural to help with his insomnia.

Jan A

Skeptical at first, but not anymore

We are very impressed with this product!! I bought this for my dad who has been struggling with arthritis for a while now.  He takes a drop in the morning and a drop at night right before bed.  He says it helps tremendously with his joints and that it actually helps to calm his nerves after a long day.  He has struggled with alcohol addiction for a while and it ‘takes the edge off.’ He has been taking meds to control blood pressure as well and he said at his next physical he should be able to completely come off of them.  His prescriptions had several adverse side effects and every time I spoke to him I could tell he was struggling.   I was unsure whether to go this route initially since it wasn’t “fda approved” but after realizing the relief my dad has received with no side effects, I couldn’t be happier.

Lindsey S


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